Bernhard Lee Lindner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Physics


Project with Chris Petrusak

    Petrusak, Chris, B.S. in Physics and Astronomy, 1996.

    "The Heat Island Effect".

    Three hours of credit as PHYS420004, Spring 1996.

    Research presented at the 1996 South Carolina Academy of Sciences meeting and the Eighth Annual College of Charleston Research Poster Session (Petrusak, C. and B.L. Lindner, Climatology of Charleston and the surrounding areas (abstract), Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science, 58, p. 128-129, 1996a.; Petrusak, C. and B.L. Lindner, Climatology of Charleston: The Heat Island Effect (abstract), in Collection of Abstracts, College of Charleston Eighth Annual Scientific Research Poster Session, (R.L. Nusbaum and J.L. Wragg, eds.), p. 12, College of Charleston, Charleston SC, 1996b.).