Pictures of Me

Prof. B. Lee Lindner

I wasn't thinking too much about meteorology back in 1959
Marcela's favorite picture of me; taken when I had more hair!
I love to travel. I have been to all 50 states, and have been to all six inhabited continents (everywhere save Antarctica, which I study but have not visited). I spent 9 weeks driving a truck with a dozen friends from the west coast of Africa (Togo) to the east coast of Africa (Kenya). Here I am (on the far right) being poled through Lake Nakoue in Benin in 1991.
Helping pull drinking water out of a town's well in the Central African Republic (I'm the bearded white guy on the left).
Some of the roads in Africa need some work. I'm following the truck in the yellow shirt.
I have spent 3 months in South America, visiting the Andes and the Amazon of Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama. Here I am overlooking Cartagena.
Marcela and I dining out with Kyosuke and Yoko Iwasaki in Kyoto, where I spent 6 months studying Mars as part of an NSF project.